Advantage Flea Control – Frontline Flea Control

Advantage Flea Control & Frontline Flea and Tick Control are the most effective products on the market. With years of experience keeping fleas and tick off our dogs, you can rest assure that both Advantage and Frontline will leave your dog feeling comfortable and itch free. Both products are formulated to specifically kill fleas and ticks, however gentle enough for direct contact with the skin. We offer flea and tick control solution for sizes of dogs.

If you see one flea on your dog, then there is a good chance that there are several more that will soon follow. Adult fleas will start producing eggs within 24-48 of landing onto your pet. With the ability to produce between 40 -50 eggs per day, the flea can rapidly get out of control. It is critical to protecting your animals from fleas because they can potentially cause other health concerns like skin irritation, allergies, and tapeworms. Fleas also can transfer many diseases like Lyme and even have.

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Fleas also can transfer many diseases like Lyme and even have the potential for epidemics like the bubonic plague. Rather small and unnoticeable, these creatures carry a rather large scary for our furry friends and humanity. Ticks are just as bad, if not worse. Ticks will bury their selves into the skin. Most people do not remove the entire body and will continue to get ill and possible infections. Granted most dogs just get skin irritation, however, it could very easily transition to something bigger and costlier.

So, the number one question for pet owners is,” how do I prevent fleas and ticks”? To kill and prevent fleas and ticks it is important to keep good hygiene. Advantage and Frontline both offers a solution that will kill any existing fleas as well as their larva and ticks. Before using these products, it is recommended to bathe your dog with flea shampoo. After they are thoroughly dried, apply the medication; be sure to apply the solution directly to the skin and not the hair (it is better to split the hair with one hand and apply with another).

It your yard or house has fleas, it is important to treat that as well. We also carry other great products like Advantix which will kill fleas and ticks but also repel mosquitoes. Browse through our line of products and get rid of those pesky little creatures. All our products are safe and will leave your dog relax and comfortable!

Another way to manage your pet’s health is regular visits to the veterinarian’s office. Veterinarians can properly diagnose illnesses and properly treat any underlying conditions. Your animal doctor will be able to assist you farther with questions concerning fleas, ticks and treatment.

Animals like to roam, explore and wonder in areas that are prone to fleas and tick, that why it is important to treat them on a consistent basis. Bathing your dog weekly or every other week will also help prevent an outbreak of fleas. Enjoy playing and hugging your furry friends without the worries of flea bites. Advantage, Frontline, and Advantix will keep your dog flea free, tick free, and happy!

The products that we carry are proven to eliminate fleas, ticks, and their larva. Studies show that the site of these parasites will be gone within 12-48 hours. Protect your dog today with the most advance products on the market. Within a short time, frame, fleas and ticks can grow into an infestation; that’s why prevention is extremely important. We have all our flea and tick control products at the Lowest Prices!